Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bean a while

Well, it's been a while since I wrote anything here, most of you probably suspect I've ODd on coffee, but all is well. I'm but no means cured of my caffeine addiction and I muse no less than I used to; I just don't have the thimbleful of effort required to type stuff here on a regular basis. Maybe I'll make a point of writing more posts. One a day? No. One every other day? Certainly not. One a week perhaps? Maybe.
Anyway, if you've come in hope of some musings, I would hate to disappoint, so:

Coffee is the new sleep: he who said 8 hours is recommended was clearly deluded, you simply cannot waste that much time sleeping every day. 8 is great, but 5 hours and a tankard of coffee will see you through the day. But, be warned: the Coffee-Comedown is a grave thing, I'm talking shivers, shakes, dizziness, and the sensation you're falling from your coffee cloud in the sky to the harsh pavement of reality. The best solution? Ease yourself down with a cuppa. Tea that is.

Also in the news:

The Strokes: are incredible. Apart from Angles. That's shit.

The Beach is an oddly addictive book: featuring a backpacker and a Scottish guy, all that really occurs is that a beach is discovered by the backpacker - who is given a map by a Scottish bloke. Some people live on the beach. The back backer becomes part of their community. Everyone gets high.

And finally: I've started a new blog www.bolloxpoetry.blogspot.com devoted to the art of pretentious, self-important poetry. It's excellent.

Right, time to put the kettle on.

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