Friday, 27 May 2011

Bon Fucking IVER.

Well, literally some things have occurred since I last 'blogged', I'll try and string them together into some sort of prose. First of all, Bon Iver (manned by Justin Vernon) have unveiled their new masterpiece. It's obviously amazing. But it wasn't recorded in a hut. Which is a shame.
In other news, I have finished school. Forever. Which is just mental.

I'm reading Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind, and I'm finding it thoroughly entertaining. In particular, I can happily relate to his use of overly verbose lexis, for example whilst many may opt to use the phrase 'never judge a book by its cover', Derren chooses the much more elegant phrasing of:
"Never one to arrive at an acumen regarding a set of printed pages bound along one side, based purely upon my discernment of its sheathing."

Regarding The Blokes, we are currently in the process of recording Soma, meanwhile Reptilia is sitting on the back burner, until we can all play it (until I can play it...)

Oh and my MacBook Pro has finally broken and refuses to turn on; if it was a person it would say something like:

Oh hi there!
Would you like to see my BIOS, just press my buttons if you would ;)
Sorry there seems to be a problem with Windows (how very odd), would 
you like to start Windows in 'safe mode'?
No? Okay, here we go then..
I'm loading windows for you, watch me go!
Look at my loading bar racing away, can you count how many times it 

 So yeah, I'll have to get another of those sometime. 

 I think there was one more thing... Ummm... What was it?... 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


He pays the price
For something nice
The price is that
The product asks
And yet
As though he's peering
Through a mask
It seems to him
Not too great
A task
Held within his
Hands at last

The imagery created by the word 'mask' demonstrates how often the 'ends' far outweigh the 'means' in importance and the individual is blind to the downfalls of any such 'means' . Could this poem be inspired by the fact the author just bought a Bon Iver ticket?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Helplessness Blues Helps Me To Muse

Well, this week has been exponentially longer than most other weeks I have experienced in my lifetime. I think this is largely because coursework has a way of stretching the confines of time until they are warped out of all proportion, and partly because if coffee is the new sleep then it stands to reason that being awake is the new being asleep.

Anyway, literally some of my coursework has been done, so I'm now kicking back to some incredible music, in the sun. Prey tell me, what would this incredible music be?! Why, it's Fleet Foxes of course! Helplessness Blues is infallibly good, and just as Fleet Foxes self-titled album proved to be, I for one am sure this will prove to be an indefinitely good album. Here's a taster.

Beside the incredibility that is Fleet Foxes, I have spent a large amount of my week transporting one of these devices on my person. What/why/who? It's a tracking device. They offered me £15 (in vouchers). They are are MobiTest, and they want to know where I go, and how I get there. Not really sure why...

Also in the news, dominoes are fucking amazing (not that I have the patience for them myself).

Oh yeah, and there will be some new Blokes very soon, stay tuned for that. Let's just say it's gonna be Jurassic?..

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bigger And Better

I'm reading a book at the moment called One Red Paperclip, written by this guy called Kyle MacDonald. It's quite entertaining really, not to say a tad impressive. Essentially Mr MacDonald found himself in a bit of an economic pickle so he undertook a series of transactions as part of a once-childhood game entitled 'Bigger And Better', in which he swapped a single red paper clip for a pen shaped like a fish, and then a doorknob, and then a cooking stove... You get the idea, until he ended up with a house. Now, I like concept of swapping a bent piece of galvanised steel for a few hundred tons of bricks and mortar, and it got me thinking, what would I swap? Well, I've decided the thing I'd most like to swap is our Prime Minister; Mr David Hug-A-Hoody Cameron (or whatever he refers to himself as these days).
What would I swap him for you ask? Well Obama of course! Now I'm not saying Obama is perfect; he chose to be American President after all... Which normally ends badly in most situations, BUT he is a damn sight better than old Wank-A-Banker Cameron ("What's that Mr Barclays, you only received a bonus of 6.5 million pounds! Oh well let's see if we can get rid of that nasty corporation tax, shall we?" Mr Barclays: "right you are, I think someone's going find themselves rather popular round here Dave *wink, wink* You sure you don't mind"? Cameron: Oh no, no, fairs fair, besides, I hear the students have a bit of surplus cash kicking around, don't want them become all corrupted with power, do we? *wink*).

Anyway, I would swap Cameron for Obama because:
Obama likes the NHS
Obama sticks to his word - he said he would eradicate Osama bin Laden and he did (I'm not saying whether that was a good thing, I for one am a bit on edge about the whole thing...)
And finally, Obama simply is much cooler.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Procrastination: No. 1

I think the title of this post has already made it abundantly clear what the content is likely to be about. But, I will say that what I'm doing right now - as I type this out - is surprisingly productive. The thing about attempting to work through huge steaming mounds of coursework is: it sounds like too much effort, it looks like too much effort, and it is too much effort. So by breaking up my working schedule into minuscule chunks of time, I can in fact work for much longer... Or at least appear to be working for much longer... which really is  waste of time. A productive waste of time perhaps? No. Definitely not. Well anyway, the main reason this post exist is because I'm trying to blog more regularly... An I'm procrastinating... And using far too many ellipses...

Anyway, what's been happening?

Well, I've been doing history coursework about Yasser Arafat's impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which is interesting, but nevertheless effort. Basically Arafat was an Arab Nationalist responsible for leading the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) against Israel's ever expanding empire (which is largely so because of the US). On the one hand he wanted peace... But at the same time, he wanted a revolution against Israel... You can probably see why there might be some conflict because of this.

On another note, I'm currently involved in a Strokes cover band entitled The Blokes, we've recording a version of Is This It. This Is It.

Right, time to procrastinate from blog writing by doing some work...