Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bigger And Better

I'm reading a book at the moment called One Red Paperclip, written by this guy called Kyle MacDonald. It's quite entertaining really, not to say a tad impressive. Essentially Mr MacDonald found himself in a bit of an economic pickle so he undertook a series of transactions as part of a once-childhood game entitled 'Bigger And Better', in which he swapped a single red paper clip for a pen shaped like a fish, and then a doorknob, and then a cooking stove... You get the idea, until he ended up with a house. Now, I like concept of swapping a bent piece of galvanised steel for a few hundred tons of bricks and mortar, and it got me thinking, what would I swap? Well, I've decided the thing I'd most like to swap is our Prime Minister; Mr David Hug-A-Hoody Cameron (or whatever he refers to himself as these days).
What would I swap him for you ask? Well Obama of course! Now I'm not saying Obama is perfect; he chose to be American President after all... Which normally ends badly in most situations, BUT he is a damn sight better than old Wank-A-Banker Cameron ("What's that Mr Barclays, you only received a bonus of 6.5 million pounds! Oh well let's see if we can get rid of that nasty corporation tax, shall we?" Mr Barclays: "right you are, I think someone's going find themselves rather popular round here Dave *wink, wink* You sure you don't mind"? Cameron: Oh no, no, fairs fair, besides, I hear the students have a bit of surplus cash kicking around, don't want them become all corrupted with power, do we? *wink*).

Anyway, I would swap Cameron for Obama because:
Obama likes the NHS
Obama sticks to his word - he said he would eradicate Osama bin Laden and he did (I'm not saying whether that was a good thing, I for one am a bit on edge about the whole thing...)
And finally, Obama simply is much cooler.

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