Sunday, 8 May 2011

Helplessness Blues Helps Me To Muse

Well, this week has been exponentially longer than most other weeks I have experienced in my lifetime. I think this is largely because coursework has a way of stretching the confines of time until they are warped out of all proportion, and partly because if coffee is the new sleep then it stands to reason that being awake is the new being asleep.

Anyway, literally some of my coursework has been done, so I'm now kicking back to some incredible music, in the sun. Prey tell me, what would this incredible music be?! Why, it's Fleet Foxes of course! Helplessness Blues is infallibly good, and just as Fleet Foxes self-titled album proved to be, I for one am sure this will prove to be an indefinitely good album. Here's a taster.

Beside the incredibility that is Fleet Foxes, I have spent a large amount of my week transporting one of these devices on my person. What/why/who? It's a tracking device. They offered me £15 (in vouchers). They are are MobiTest, and they want to know where I go, and how I get there. Not really sure why...

Also in the news, dominoes are fucking amazing (not that I have the patience for them myself).

Oh yeah, and there will be some new Blokes very soon, stay tuned for that. Let's just say it's gonna be Jurassic?..


  1. Fleet Foxes are amazing! :)

  2. i love your blog, too much.