Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Coffee Is The New Sleep

For those of you that haven't heard, and my blog is riddled with this point, - coffee is the new sleep. I mean really. Although, actually, I do prefer sleep. Anyway, when there is much revision to done, and very little time to do it (which is a situation I seem to inexplicably find myself in a lot at the moment), coffee creates time. I think I'm averaging about 5 cups a day at the moment, plus some tea, I would surely drink more but that requires the effort of moving and turning kettles on etc. Also running. Running in the morning seems to be an ample way to wake ones'-self up - especially when coupled with coffee, and cycling, and coffee.

Moving on, more important this week is the release of Bon Iver's second album. It's amazing. But not as amazing as For Emma, Forever Ago. Which is really amazing. That's not to say, however, that Bon Iver (as the album is so aptly named) is less good. It's probably just as good, but different. In the same way as  I prefer Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, to his Reqiem (although it's very powerful) stuff (yep, pretentious musical references), I prefer Bon Iver's first masterpiece to his latest offering. I should mention though that I have only heard the album in its entirety once, I was very tired when I listened to it, and I'm going deaf in one ear. Taking all these factors into consideration, the album may come to grow on me as much as For Emma. But that is a really good album.

Also a good album, is Death Cab For Cutie's Codes and Keys; I'm listening to it as I type this sentence.

Now, some stuff on David Cameron. Old Cameron's realised that people don't want murderers and rapists getting sentence discounts for admitting they're guilty, and as such, is embarking the Cameron-Clegg Coalition (I really think the Clegg part is a bit misleading - makes him sound like he's involved in leading and decision making, or something) on a sizable U-turn. I mean, I don't really see the point in all this prison discount-buy-one-get-one-free-50%-off malarky, - if the offence is serious, and I'm talking actually life-changing, properly messed up stuff, then giving a discount just isn't right - you don't return to the car park to find your car being stolen, only to allow the offender to keep half of it if he owns up to the deed. One of the Milliband's, not David, the other one, has declared the move "another example of this government not being in touch, and making proposals that they then have to abandon" which I largely agree with. That said, the subject of an 'out of touch government' is an ample-sized elephant in the room, and not in any way an insightful Mr Limp-handshake Miliband observation.

On another note, Codes and Keys has finished, and I have a bounty of music revision to attend to; I'll probably end up doing one of these things with regards to revision:

(inevitably the latter).

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