Saturday, 8 October 2011

Uni: the the 'i' is for inebriation.

So, it's been fucking ages since I blogged, and I thought I might change that. So, what's been happening? Well, I've been livin' it up at university. It's a lot of fun, and consists largely of drinking, meeting loads of new people, drinking, partying, drinking, going to lectures drunk, drinking, spending too much money on bottles of Budweiser, drinking, cooking mediocre food, drinking, being hungover, and drinking. To be honest, everything is a bit of a blur, a fun blur, but a blur nonetheless.

Coincidently, I'm studying Creative Writing, which so far has been comprised of seminars naming pebbles, and watching Jaws. On the subject of Jaws (which I've watched once whilst hungover), for those of you who've seen it I think my favourite quote has to be during the Town Meeting scene in which Police Chief Brody announces that the beach must be closed to protect to the public from the big bad shark, to which there is an uproar from the townspeople whom fear they will lose valuable tourist custom if the beach is closed. The town mayer consequently assures everyone that "It'll only be closed for 24 hours" (or something along those lines), following this an unnamed member of the throng of island-dwellers pipes up: "24 hours is like 3 weeks!"Nice.

I've also, more importantly, invested in a Ukulele, which is arguably the greatest instrumental feat achieved by mankind to date. Everything just sounds so happy on a uke, and it's bar far the best accompaniment to add-lib lyrics (drunk or otherwise) around. I was partly inspired to buy a uke after hearing a fantastic cover of the Osama bin Laden song originally by Frank Skinner, and in my opinion the wittiest thing he has ever done. Whilst at uni me and a few housemates have written the soon-to-be-hugely-famous Toasty Song, we'll get a recording of that down soon to flog to the masses.

I leave you with two things: the first is that Grouplove's new album Never Trust A Happy Song is VERY GOOD, I think my favourite song from the album may be Spun.
The second is a short story by Samuel Beckett which I recently read as part of the Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories, called Ping. Probably one of the most avant-guarde pieces of ridiculousness I've ever read.

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