Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Rainy Day in Wales

I'm currently in the ever lovely, but currently cold and rainy, Llandrindod Wells. So, to entertain myself I've been watching videos of the fantastic Dry The River - who's much awaited album comes out in March next year - and I'd I thought I'd share this more obscure of their masterpieces, courtesy of ZUBB Sessions. As always, it's amazing.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas Musings

So, recently Christmas occurred, which was nice, but that isn't the topic of this post. No, today's post is dedicated to art of paper folding, or, to use the flashier name, origami. I've long been a fan of origami and my personal favourite paper construction has always been the sampan. More recently I've been inspired by a certain George Gregson over at Pistons&Pianos to learn to fold the classic origami crane:

And all was well and good for a while; I felt liked I'd achieved a certain level of origami expertise. That was until I discovered the god of paper that is Brian Chan. Chan uses just a single sheet of paper to create intricate and beautiful origami creations that make my folding ability look like that of a drunken infant. 

This time-lapsed video gives you an idea of his supreme level of paper manipulation:

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rainy Night in a Port-a-loo

The noises I can hear resemble those of a waterfall cascading onto a wafer-thin plastic (or thereabouts) roof. That's a largely accurate description of my uni residence. The rain is quite literally deafening, and chances of sleeping are looking low, with a moderate scattering of insomnia coming in from the East. Anyway, whilst today has been largely unproductive, and I am yet again perhaps a tad sleep deprived (3 and a half hours is plenty, right?) I have discovered several new and varyingly wonderful things. This morning - afternoon is probably the technical term - I stumbled across this little gem by Edinburgh group Meursault, for which I again have the ever-splendid Le Blogotheque to thank:

I don't know what it is, but I have a real fondness for Scottish indie rock

My second discovery of the day, was the equally lovely The Wilderness of Manitoba, courtesy of my flatmate Theo, who has also made a rather legitimate video for their song Orono Park:

(A longer version featuring the band can be found here)

My final discovery may prove less interesting, but I was nevertheless impressed that my relatively prehistoric mobile phone (with real push buttons) can run Skype Lite (download here). How very post-telephone.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


It's dark outside, my room is ridiculously hot, and I can't be bothered to move.
Anyway, I thought I'd share Bon Iver's incredible For Emma acapella recording, courtesy of the terrific Le Blogotheque. Bon ├ęcouter.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fear of Sleep

Recently sleep has been unhealthily low on my list of priorities. This is mainly because I consistently fail to be organised in terms of work (the uni way, right?) and often find myself staying up so late that it becomes early again and the sun reappears. As a result, I'm now a bit of an insomniac.

Anyway, my sleeping patterns are not the focus of this post; my intention of this post is much rather to announce that I will now be posting a lot more music on this blog, because music is fucking excellent, and it gives this blog more of a purpose: maybe I'll post a song a day, maybe a song a week? We'll see. Of course, I'll still be writing barely-literate bullshit from time-to-time as well.

So, I thought I'd thought I'd get things going with a lovely bit of the ever-wonderful Dry The River (releasing their long-awaited LP Shallow Bed on March 5th next year), brought to you by the equally fantastic ZUBB Sessions. Enjoy.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

3 A.M. Musings on Student Life and Buddhist Books

I always find my mind racing during the middle of the night (or should that be morning?). This is probably because I'm at university, and an early night is anytime before the sun comes up again. This is probably also because I associate the no-man's-land time of 12 p.m. to 6 a.m. with hurried late night assignments. Anyway, either way, their is something oddly relaxing about late-night keyboard meanderings.

The other day, whilst voyaging down the goliath hill into the fine city of Winchester, my fellow roommates and I were approached by a rather eager man in a hat. 
"Have you three gentlemen got thirty seconds to spare?" He enquired.
A brief mumbling of "Oh god, shall we just walk on?" "Quick, leg it!" and "Umm, maybe...?" and we had been successfully apprehended and roped into whatever bullshit scam this mid-town encounter would turn out to be. After asking each of us if we had ever experienced "being stressed" he popped the killer question.
"Have any of you ever met a monk"
Another mumbling of "no, not really" and "ummmmms" later, and he was pulling off his hat, brandishing his shining, short-shaved head. Arhhh of course. The monk card, he's playing the monk card.

And that was it. Two minutes later and we were all proudly parading our VEDA: Secrets of the East hardbacks like lemon-Colas in a dessert. We had found enlightenment. Inner harmony. Self-determination. At least, I think that's he he had described it...

NOTE: I've nothing against Buddhism; I find it a highly palatable religion, my only gripe is with religion being sold to me for £2 (in fairness it was "for charity") when I only have £4.20 in my pocket and a diminishing level of rations in my kitchen cupboard.