Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas Musings

So, recently Christmas occurred, which was nice, but that isn't the topic of this post. No, today's post is dedicated to art of paper folding, or, to use the flashier name, origami. I've long been a fan of origami and my personal favourite paper construction has always been the sampan. More recently I've been inspired by a certain George Gregson over at Pistons&Pianos to learn to fold the classic origami crane:

And all was well and good for a while; I felt liked I'd achieved a certain level of origami expertise. That was until I discovered the god of paper that is Brian Chan. Chan uses just a single sheet of paper to create intricate and beautiful origami creations that make my folding ability look like that of a drunken infant. 

This time-lapsed video gives you an idea of his supreme level of paper manipulation:

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