Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rainy Night in a Port-a-loo

The noises I can hear resemble those of a waterfall cascading onto a wafer-thin plastic (or thereabouts) roof. That's a largely accurate description of my uni residence. The rain is quite literally deafening, and chances of sleeping are looking low, with a moderate scattering of insomnia coming in from the East. Anyway, whilst today has been largely unproductive, and I am yet again perhaps a tad sleep deprived (3 and a half hours is plenty, right?) I have discovered several new and varyingly wonderful things. This morning - afternoon is probably the technical term - I stumbled across this little gem by Edinburgh group Meursault, for which I again have the ever-splendid Le Blogotheque to thank:

I don't know what it is, but I have a real fondness for Scottish indie rock

My second discovery of the day, was the equally lovely The Wilderness of Manitoba, courtesy of my flatmate Theo, who has also made a rather legitimate video for their song Orono Park:

(A longer version featuring the band can be found here)

My final discovery may prove less interesting, but I was nevertheless impressed that my relatively prehistoric mobile phone (with real push buttons) can run Skype Lite (download here). How very post-telephone.

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