Saturday, 21 January 2012

Don't Let Misguided Politics Fuck Up The Internet : Stop SOPA & PIPA

I hit town the other night, or rather, I drunkenly staggered to town in a state of near comatose, only to find that not a single club was open. The only conclusion I can come to for this, is that they were 'blacked out' in protest of the bloody stupid and downright dystopian totalitarian offering that is the Stop Online Piracy Act. In a nutshell, the act (in conjunction with PIPA) will prohibit access to sites which are deemed to violate copyright laws, or even host links to such sites, in a manic attempt at internet censorship. Whilst directly affecting the US this filthy piece of Congress legislation extends to user-generated content on sites such as YouTube, making it possible for copy-write holders to sue for something as seemingly harmless as uploading a cover version of a song, and will cripple the internet for everyone.
American-made explanation of SOPA:

Explanation courtesy of the Guardian:
I'm sure plenty of people will rejoice on the possibility of Justin Beiber going to prison, but just think of the poor inmates!

Lastly, if SOPA gets through Congress such brilliant musical parodies as this will become a thing of the past:

HM Government Petition - UK
Official Google Petition - US
Comic and Petition - 'Get Your Censor On' - US/Non-US

Get petitioning, internet!

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