Saturday, 7 January 2012

Musical Notes #1: Everything Everything

I was thinking I should come up with a recurring title for music posts... 'Musical Notes' is the best thing I've come up with in the short time I pondered the matter; as in notes on music. Maybe I should number them, too? With a # symbol because that looks cool, right? Anyway, today's 'Musical Notes' regard the addictive Everything Everything. On first listen they'll most likely strike you as weird, pretentious indie indie hipsters who all share the same hairdresser. But their sound is quirky to the point of compulsive listening, you'll find yourself relishing their odd vocal harmonies and even odder lyrics. I'd like to say the intervals in the musical composition of the songs are Renaissance-esque, but that's likely a load of bullshit. They're instrumentation is certainly Baroque-esque, however,  Two For Nero actually using a harpsichord (or, at least, harpsichord-sounding instrument) for the basis of the main riff. Enough babble. Have a listen:

Photoshop Handsome 
Home to such peculiar lyrics as 'Airbrush! What have you done with my father?!'

A nice acoustic session courtesy of The Mahogany Sessions

I'm also particularly into their song Weights at the moment.

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