Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Year

Happy New Year!

Before I get on to New Year - the topic of this post - I just thought I'd share the hardships I endured to be able to publish to this blog. The hardship? My Macbook's (or, affectionately, Crapbook) fancy Apple MagSafe charger broke. So, I ordered a new one off of ever-reliable Ebay, but being the impatient and resourceful human being that I am, I found myself impelled to fix the broken one. After much hammering,  plying, levering, banging and good old fashioned elbow grease (what an odd phrase that is: I never find my elbows to be greasy after physical upper body excursion), I broke into the charger so as to ambush it with a soldering iron. Without going into any more detail, the upshot was this marvellous piece of handiwork:
I'm pleased to say that it now works like a charm and hasn't caught fire. Yet.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand: New Year. For me, the most satisfying thing about New Year, is doing everything for the first time again. I'm talking about the first word of the new year (likely the word 'happy' proceeded by 'new' and the rather apt 'year'), the first thing you see, the first sound you hear etc. etc. So, here's my list of 'first things' of 2012:

1. First person to see:
My lovely, wonderful (lovely + wonderful = londerful?) girlfriend, Sophie (it crossed my mind that I could have omitted the word 'girlfriend' and then written 'and the girl's pretty nice, too')

2. First sky-based-explosion-in-close-proximity-to-a-well-known-world-landmark to see:

The omnipotent eye of London amidst an array of New Year's fireworks

3. First thing to eat (actually a packet of cheese and onion crisps, but that's kinda boring):
That morsel in my hand is a pan au chocolat

4. First thing to drink
I found this painting by Charles Wcoates after a bit of Googling (is there any other way to find things?)

5. First song to hear:

The Cribs - 'I'm A Realist'

6. First film to watch:

The Notebook

7. First book to read (or, rather, continue reading):
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby (as I'm sure you already knew by the cover...)

First blog post to write on this blog: this one.

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