Sunday, 8 January 2012

What does your roach say about you? (and I don't mean the fish).

The Full Round Moon:

You're open to new things, you embrace opportunity. You're carefree and you love it. You don't dwell on the risks, instead you grab life by the balls and shake it for all it's worth. Whilst your method may be frowned upon, you enjoy the rebel image it bestows upon you. You prefer tough granary over white-sliced any day. In short, you don't give a shit, and those that do aren't worth the effort.

You're a pacifist. You know every yin has its yang and you feel compelled to follow this teaching in every aspect of your life. Whilst those around you may not understand, you know within yourself that you are, in your own small why, ensuring the continued balance of all forces within the cosmos. In short, you're a modern day do-gooder, in an unbalanced world.

Bare Grills

You're a perfectionist. You strive for nonpareil in every area of your life. Whilst, to some, your obsession with intricacy and perfection appears your greatest flaw, you know the importance in betterment and feel others around you are lacking. You're known by name in your coffee shop. You live in the periphery of mainstream culture and hate cliché.

The Spiral
 You're normal, and you love it. You embrace mainstream culture and don't understand those who shun its ways. You believe the media is not out to get you that and those who think otherwise do so for the attention. You'd rather buy your groceries from a respectable high-street chain than some out-of-the-way hippy shop. You love popular music and thoroughly enjoy prime-time TV.

So, which of these are you?

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