Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm So Hipshter (Because 'Hipster's' Too Mainstream)

As I write this blog post I am sitting alone in my room eating strawberry sponge cake and drinking Copella apple juice, like some sort of middle-class hermit. Perhaps 'mermit' best describes my current occupation.

I'm also listening to the Antler's take on VCR by the xx, which is probably what all the hipsters would be listening to if listening to obscure indie music wasn't so mainstream.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Classic Student Breakfast #1: Toast and Coffee

Musical Notes #2: The Migrant

I discovered The Migrant about five minutes ago and have only listened to two songs by them so far.
Nonetheless, I feel they're worthy of a blog post, if not only for the for the nice range of instruments they use; as you'll see in the video. I guess if I had to describe them, I'd say that they are Grizzly Bear-esque with a dash of Good Old War and probably some other bands I'd like to make obscure references to but can't remember the names of.

Take It!

Nothing But Clues